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Yiwu Jewelry Market

Yiwu Jewelry Market

Location: 2ndFloor, District 1, Yiwu International Trade City

Market workingtime: 08:30-17:30(GMT+08:00), 7×365 days, except a 15-day-holiday during our Chinese Spring Festival.
There are more than 7,000 shops specialized in fashion jewelries and hair accessories, such as hair ornaments, rings, bracelets,necklaces, earrings made of various material and designs. All those designs can catch the fashion trend to meet the various needs of buyers. Or if you make your own design, they can also customize according to your design concept.

Looking around those shops, you may find thousands of various samples displaying there. Yiwu jewelry market(Yiwu China Jewelry Market) is one part of Yiwu trade supply chain, which is called the heaven of jewelry buyers from all over the world.

The minimum order quantity varies from dozens to hundreds. For stock designs, you can start with buying one dozen per design. But for some design which need production, suppliers request more quantity. As said above, if customers bring their own design drawings, supplier will decide the cost to open a mould, quantity, and production time. But don’t worry, they have obligation to keep confidential for your designs.

Being an agent in Yiwu must have the ability of helping customers solve related problems and making sure the communication without barriers between customers and suppliers.

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