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How to go to Yiwu

How to go to Yiwu

How to go to Yiwu
To Yiwu, there are lots oftransportation ways for your option. Here we will introduce you the best way to go to Yiwu from the main cities in China as follows:

1.The first choiceby airplane.

You can choose the international flights directly flying to Yiwu. But if there is no direct flights, you can fly to another city in China such as Shanghai, Hangzhou or Guangzhou, then transfer to Yiwu.

2.The second choiceby train.

There are large number of trains to Yiwu. It is convenient and cheap. The trains in China are divided into several grade such as EMU, express train,way train and so on. You can choose whatever you like. For example, if your destination airport is Shanghai Hongqiao, you can take the fast train to Yiwu directly, only takes one and half hour. The train offers meals and drink, but it’s not for free.

3.The third choiceexpress bus.

This is the most flexible way of travel for the route is numerous. It is the best option that if you are in some small cities in China where the fast train and airplane are not available. In addition, the ticket is cheap.

Shanghai to Yiwu:

Shanghai to Yiwu by private car

The easiest way for you to get to Yiwu is that we arrange a car to pick you up from Shanghai Pudong Airport and then take a 4 hour’s drive to Yiwu directly. The rate is 800RMB per car.

Shanghai to Yiwu by train

The cheapest way for you to go to the railway station is taking a subway from Shanghai Pudong Airport to Shanghai Hongqiao Train Station (8RMB, 2 hours) first, then you can take the fast D/G-train to Yiwu. If there are no tickets left in Hongqiao Station, you should come to Shanghai South train station. If your business travel is not very urgent, we suggest you choose this cheap way.

We can pick up you at Yiwu Railway Station for free.

Train schedule from Shanghai Hongqiao Station and Shanghai South Station to Yiwu

  From Arrive Destination
G1301/G1303 Shanghai Hongqiao Yiwu Guangzhou South
G1321/G1327/G1329 Shanghai Hongqiao Yiwu Guiyang North
G1347/G1349/G1355/G1361/G1363 Shanghai Hongqiao Yiwu Changsha South
G1371/G1373 Shanghai Hongqiao Yiwu Huaihua South
G1383/G1387/G1393/G1395 Shanghai Hongqiao Yiwu Nanchang West
G1509/G1508 Shanghai Hongqiao Yiwu Huangshan North
G1635/G1637 Shanghai Hongqiao Yiwu Fuzhou
G1651/G1657/G1659 Shanghai Hongqiao Yiwu Xiamen North
G7367 Shanghai Hongqiao Yiwu Jiangshan
G7381/G7383 Shanghai Hongqiao Yiwu Quzhou
K11/K14 Shanghai South Yiwu Wuchang
K111 Shanghai South Yiwu Guiyang
K123/K122 Shanghai South Yiwu Shiyan
K149 Shanghai South Yiwu Zhanjiang
K253/K252 Shanghai South Yiwu Yichang East
K271 Shanghai South Yiwu Jinggangshan
K351/K354 Shanghai South Yiwu Chengdu
K4578/K4575 Shanghai South Yiwu Shaoyang
K511 Shanghai South Yiwu Haikou
K5801/K5804 Shanghai South Yiwu Wenzhou
K739/K79 Shanghai South Yiwu Kunming
K759 Shanghai South Yiwu Hengyang
T101 Shanghai South Yiwu Shenzhen
T169 Shanghai South Yiwu Guangzhou
T25 Shanghai South Yiwu Nanning
T381 Shanghai South Yiwu Kunming
T81/T80 Shanghai South Yiwu Nanning
Z256/Z257 Shanghai South Yiwu Chongqing North
Z27/Z26 Shanghai South Yiwu Wuchang

We can pick you up at Yiwu Railway Station for free.

Shanghai to Yiwu By Bus:

You can take a non-stop bus from Pudong Airport to Yiwu. The departure timefrom Pudong Airport to Yiwu isrespectively at 13:50 and 16:50.You can buy the ticks(180 RMB) right inside the airport.

 Hangzhou to Yiwu

Hangzhou to Yiwu by private car

The most easiest way for you to get to Yiwu will be getting someone pick you up at the airport. It only takes about 2 hours to drive from Hangzhou Airport to Yiwu. The rate is 350RMB /car.

Hangzhou to Yiwu by airport bus

You can go to Yiwu by airport bus(60RMB, 2hours) directly from Hangzhou airport to Yiwu. You can buy the ticket inside the airport. Here is the timetable:

10:20, 11:00, 11:40, 12:20, 13:00, 13:40, 14:20, 15:00, 15:40, 16:20, 17:00, 17:40, 18:30, 19:30, 20:30, 21:30.

Hangzhou to Yiwu by train

You can either take an airport bus or taxi from airport to Hangzhou East Station and Hangzhou Station. There are trains nearly running for at least 90 times from Hangzhou to Yiwu everyday.

Train schedule from Hangzhou to Yiwu

  From Arrive Destination
D81/D84 Hangzhou East Yiwu Jiujiang
G1403 Hangzhou East Yiwu Guangzhou South
G1421 Hangzhou East Yiwu Huaihua South
G1451/G1455 Hangzhou East Yiwu Nanchang West
G1505 Hangzhou East Yiwu Beihai
G7369 Hangzhou East Yiwu Quzhou
K1127/K1126 Hangzhou Yiwu Xiaoyang
K1271/K1274 Hangzhou Yiwu Chengdu
K529/K532 Hangzhou Yiwu Chengdu East
K539 Hangzhou Yiwu Guiyang

We can pick up you from Yiwu bus station or Yiwu train station for free.

  Guangzhou to Yiwu

Guangzhou to Yiwu by plane:

There are planes from Guangzhou to Yiwu everyday directly:


Here is the flight information from Guangzhou Airport to Yiwu:


Guangzhou 1234567 CZ3795 B737 1340 1535
Guangzhou 123467 CZ3886 B737 2135 2330
Guangzhou 1234567 CZ3883 B737 1805 1955
Guangzhou 1234567 CZ3727 B737 0750 0940

We can pick up you at Yiwu Airport for free.

Guangzhou to Yiwu by train:

These are all air-conditioned comfortable trains. You can choose hard seats(179 CNY/26 USD), hard berth(327 CNY/48 USD) and soft berth(499 CNY/73 USD).

  From Arrive Destination
K210/K211 Guangzhou Yiwu Ningbo
K512 Guangzhou Yiwu Shanghai South
K528 Guangzhou Yiwu Nanjing
T170 Guangzhou Yiwu Shanghai South
G1302/G1304/G1306 Guangzhou South Yiwu Shanghai Hongqiao
G1404 Guangzhou South Yiwu Hangzhou East

We can pick you up at Yiwu Railway Station for free.

Guangzhou to Yiwu by bus:

There are provincial buses leaving from different bus stations of Guangzhou to Yiwu each day. They usually leave at the afternoon and arrive in the early morning.It can take up to 12 or 13 hours.    Different station has different ticket price.

Beijing to Yiwu

Beijing to Yiwu by plane:

There are only two flights directly flying to Yiwu, so you’d better book the tickets in advance.

Here is the flight schedule from Beijing Airport to Yiwu airport

Beijing 1234567 CZ3726 B737 2205 0020
Beijing 12346 CA1879 B737 0650 0910

We can pick you up at Yiwu Airport for free.

 Beijing to Yiwu by train:

Train schedule from Bejing &Beijing South Station  directly to Yiwu:

  From Arrive DEP ARR
K101 Beijing Yiwu 23:20 22:45(+1day)
G33 Beijing South Yiwu 9:50 16:15(same day)
G163 Beijing South Yiwu 10:50 17:55(same day)
G45 Beijing South Yiwu 15:15 22:08(same day)

We can pick you up at Yiwu Railway Station for free.

 Buses from Beijing to Yiwu

Though there are buses arriving at Yiwu, it usually takes 17 or 18 hours to get to Yiwu. Long-time travel is not comfortable. So bus is really the last choice.

Shenzhen to Yiwu

Shenzhen to Yiwu by plane

There is only one direct flight flying to Yiwu.

Flight schedule:

Shenzhen 1234567 CZ3876 B737 1140 1330

We can pick you up at Yiwu Airport for free.

Shenzhen to Yiwu by train

Train Schedule

  From Arrive DEP ARR
T212 Shenzhen Yiwu 13:08 04:16(+1 day)
T102 Shenzhen Yiwu 16:02 08:00(+1 day)

We can pick you up at Yiwu Railway Station for free.

 Shenzhen to Yiwu by bus

There are over 10 buses leaving from different bus stations of Shenzhen for Yiwu each day. It can take up to 15, 16, or even more hours by bus. Bus would be the third choice after plane and train.

HongKong to Yiwu

HongKong to Yiwu directly by plane

Since2016, flights from Hong Kong to Yiwu are available. But the days that from HongKong to Yiwu are different in different months according to the information  Yiwu Airport offers. From November to January, the plane usually takes off in Tuesday&Sunday,  while from Jan. to Nov., it usually takes off in Monday, Thursday and Saturday.

Flight Schedule from HongKong to Yiwu(Just for reference)

HongKong 26 CZ6046 B738 2010 2210
HongKong 146 CZ6046 B738 1935 2135


We will pick you up at Yiwu Airport for free.

Fly from Hong Kong to Hangzhou/Shanghai /Beijing/Guangzhou/Shenzhen, then take a private car/ train/ bus/ to Yiwu

This is the fastest way. Usually there are several flights from Hong Kong to Hangzhou /Shanghai/Beijing each day and transportation from those cities to Yiwu is all very convenient.

Train from Hong Kong to Guangzhou, and then take a plane/ train/ bus to Yiwu.

Firstly, you should take A21 airport bus to Hung Hom Railway station, where you can take the train to Guangzhou East Train Station. This kind of way is much faster and cheaper.

Train schedule from Hung Hom Station to Guangzhou East Station

  Hung Hom(DEP) Guangzhou East(ARR)
Z812 7:25 9:24
Z824 8:15 10:12
Z820 9:24 11:53
Z808 11:32 13:26
Z814 12:23 14:17
Z826 13:11 15:08
Z818 14:32 16:31
Z810 16:35 18:34
Z828 18:00 19:57
Z816 18:44 20:43
Z802 20:01 22:00

For more about how to go to Yiwu from Guangzhou, please follow Guangzhou to Yiwu.

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