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Compared to factories, how does a win-less trading company attract more foreign buyers

Compared to factories, how does a win-less trading company attract more foreign buyers

Lots of foreign buyers, are more inclined to find factory direct supply, so that they can save a lot of money, the factory can give to the customers at the lowest price, if any problems, the factory as a production, processing and feedback problems ability is better than trade company, arguably, which saves the intermediate links form of trade should be more welcomed by the purchaser, and there is no need to go to work with trading company.

But why trading company would survive so well? Often a dozen people form a trading company can receive a large order? What advantage does it have to attract foreign buyers to place orders?In the process of international trade, price is indeed an important selection factor, but it is not the whole. Many buyers only control the price roughly, and pay more attention to the development strategy of the company, and even pay more attention to the cost of time than the price. Then, what factors attract buyers from trading companies?Summary, also on the following aspects:

  1. More diversified products: As a trading company, it will not only sell products from only one factory, but will choose up many factories or selling more products and even a product it will be a variety of specifications to choose several factories, it combined for sales, which provide foreign buyers more options, not just a product in a factory.For example a foreigner purchaser, he needs a variety of fabrics, cotton, linen, silk, wool, chiffon, tatting, knitting, etc., but your factory can only provide cotton cloth, then he has to find other factories restocked, among this time, the human cost is not low, enough to offset the profits which comes from lower price than trading company.If not dealing with middlemen trading company, overseas buyers have to come to China by themselves and have to arrange different staff to deal with different factories from different places. And to meet their procurement needs, even to attend trade shows and also can not find the right products, the operating mode is not looking for a complete product trade company cooperation come true.
  2. The trading company has fast delivery time and small MOQ. The trading company is not an agent of the factory, but an independent company. After receiving the goods from the factory, the trading company usually has its own warehouse for storage, and then slowly digests the inventory. Generally speaking, customers looking for factories will not buy the goods you have produced, but want you to produce the products they require. And factories will only produce the goods after customers place orders, rather than waiting for customers to buy ready-made goods. Normally the order quantity per a certain product will not be too high, but the category is miscellaneous, often can not reach the minimum quantity of an order for the factory requirement, from production to shipping cost accounting is not cost-effective, so often have less minimum quantity should really be discussing customer, so customers can choose cooperation and trade company, trading company, after all, must be more than a product to sell to the customer, often two or three dozen together to sell, even fewer points, but the variety, they can make money.The other problem is the cost of time. Many trading companies are looking for cooperation in order to buy goods in stock. They need to buy products quickly instead of waiting for the slow production of the factory.
  3. Buyers buy products and services. Now we all know that price is not the decisive factor for buyers to place an order, so what is the buyer value? Service! Yes, buyers prefer their partner is a company with good service and communication will be much more smoothly. Trading company between customers and factories, one of their most important survival code insideservice, a professional trading company can handle the relationship between factories and customers, the factory is only survival products, for the service is not very important, should also have a lot of factory produce the contradiction of losing customers because of the service attitude.Trading company is not the only consideration benefits rather than to pay suppliers, such as factories to meet orders will begin to production, but if the customer get nasty, production is not over, it could not, but trading companies are different, they are often cooperation need to production of the customer, will let the factory production of a part of the goods in advance, when customers are in urgent need of the goods order only need to prepare the other part of the goods, just switch will be part of the risk of his own, but maintain a long-term customer.Sometimes, even if the profit is small, trading companies will take customers to look for factories one by one until customers are satisfied, but few factories are willing to patiently receive customers with less than the minimum order quantity.
  4. Trading companies will reduce risks for customers. As we all know, the products produced by factories are not always satisfactory to customers. Sometimes the quality cannot meet the requirements of customers, so we need to spend our own time and labor costs to adjust them. Even if we adjust them, they may not be able to satisfy customers. At this point, the purchaser will face the problem of finding a replacement, which will seriously slow down his trade process.However, trading companies need to be more flexible in dealing with them. General trading companies will not only cooperate with one factory, but also have high selectivity in cooperating with many factories. If there is any problem or inappropriate, they can completely change to another factory.What’s more, trading companies are not the agents of factories, but they can be the agents of buyers. Buyers can do whatever products and factories they want in China through trading companies, which is equivalent to having an office in China. Long-term cooperation is convenient and labor-saving.
  5. Customers are Shared. We often talk about sharing things, it seems that most people still don’t pay too much attention, but for trading companies, there are really is being introduced to, a part of the customers, because of their good service, strong ability to deal with problems, general customers think this is a good trading company, will be introduced to his friends in the same industry.Friendship is also a big way for trading companies to expand their business. Many trading companies use friendship to develop their business and develop their business. Not all customers are of interest, but many are of affection. Some buyers who have feelings with trading companies, even if they know your factory and are familiar with your factory, they do not like to find you directly, but still need to operate through trading companies.
  6. Professional business communication skills. It’s not that knowing products is necessarily a professional business. Now factories like to participate in various exhibitions and sell products on various websites. It seems that they don’t need trading companies to do business.Communication is a big problem, the factory is not a professional sales staff, there are great defects in the language communication, many foreigners do not know English, they may speak English with you this half way, that is more difficult.In terms of service attitude and foreign language specialty, the talents in trading companies are far better than those in factories. In foreign trade companies, the sales staff are equipped with relatively large proportion of small languages. For buyers, it is easier to have a sense of affinity if they can hear their mother tongue.
The manufacturer’s terminal is not mature yet. Now B2B website sales are becoming more and more normal, but manufacturers directly facing the terminal sales form is not mature, since the beginning of trade, middlemen has been a normal existence, not so easy to be replaced, the concept of the existence of middlemen is still deeply rooted.Moreover, trading companies must have many unique development channels to effectively develop customers and maintain the existence of trading companies.To sum up, as a trading company, if you want to do long term and long term, you should store a wide variety of products or cooperate with as many factories as possible. Understanding the product is the basis, the service should be thoughtful and reserve multilingual talents.

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