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Best Time to Visit Yiwu

Best Time to Visit Yiwu

If you want to come to Yiwu(international trade city), anytime is available, as mentioned only except Chinese Spring Festival.

But regarding of some reasons, such as trade fairs and raining seasons, then we suggest you to Yiwu from March to June, and September to December. Then July and August, it is very hot, almost 40 degrees in Yiwu, if you don’t like hot weather, you should avoid these two months.


From March to June:

At the end of February and the beginning of March (after Chinese new year), there will be many new items in Yiwu market. You can come to Yiwu to have a look. And at that time, Yiwu market is not so busy, suppliers have enough to offer goods for you even not big quantity.


The next Spring Canton Fair (15-19 Apr., 23-27 Apr., 1-5 May, 2020). During that time, you can directly fly from Guangzhou to Yiwu, only takes one and half hour. Then you can make a comparison about price and MOQ between Canton Fair and Yiwu market.


The weather during this period is also quite pleasant. In Autumn the average temperature is 15C – 25C. But each coin has two sides. There is no cheap flights hotels during that period, because too many people come to Yiwu at that time.

From September to December:

During this period Autumn Canton Fair (15-19 Oct., 23-27 Oct., 31.Oct-4 Nov, 2019) and Yiwu Fair are all held in the second half of November each year. So you can visit Yiwu and these fairs together. Products displayed on exhibitions are also pretty good and satisfactory. You can shop around and widen your products range again.

The weather in autumn is as good as in spring. Apart from the similar temperature, there are also no cheap flights and no discount hotels.

Both are the best time to visit Yiwu each year. Hope it helps.

And if you don’t want to visit in busy time, you can come any time except Canton Fair time.
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